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Complimentary Consultation

Convenient Communication: Just call for a phone conversation to determine how HRSS services will address your individualized needs and goals to enhance your mobility, activities of daily living, safety and independence within your home environment.

Home Evaluation

Exceeding expectations: HRSS will provide a full written report of modifications recommended to improve mobility, comfort and safety. Modifications may include: potential adaptive/medical equipment, universally designed products, architectural changes, or a minor/major home renovation. Other recommended solutions may include: lighting, assistive technology "smart devices", infant/toddler proofing, or sensory rooms. 


Referrals/consultation with other home professionals: contractors, architects, realtors or interior designers may be provided for design parameters. Recommendations will be personalized and will take into consideration all long and short term, family, social, emotional, and medical needs.


Occupational therapists specialize in analyzing factors such as mobility, balance, vision, hearing, memory, psychosocial factors and its impact on safety and function in the home environment. Let HRSS enhance your home allowing for you and your family to enjoy current and future mobility, comfort, safety and peace of mind.

Follow Up

Dedicated Service: HRSS will provide follow up to ensure all implemented recommendations are helping to improve accessibility, comfort and safety.


Continued services may be provided for in depth training, balance exercise programs, medication management routines or compensatory strategies to improve home function and safety if desired.

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